Valuable Tips in Identifying Teddy Bears


If you are a teddy bear collector, then it surely matters to you if a certain teddy bear is genuinely antique or not. But the problem is that it can be a challenging think to know which bear is worth and which is not, especially that some of the original teddy bears have already lost their identification or labels through time. Kindly read on to know the steps and ways by which you can determine the right collectible teddy bears.



Among the steps needed in learning how to identify original collectible teddy bears, conducting your own research is the most important. It is by research that a collector like you will become more knowledge on the appearance and characteristics of an original teddy bear. In addition to that, frequent visits to auctions and museums will lead you to gaining experience in looking at and handing the genuine Steiff bears. Talking to experts will even give you first-hand information on what original teddy bears are and what makes them different from other bears.



There is a real difference existing between a Mohair and an artificial plush. For instance, when you pull out a fur and burn it, the Mohair will give you ashes. On the other hand, the artificial plush will simply leave a plastic residue. Nonetheless, you may not be allowed by teddy bear dealers to pull out a fur from a teddy bear and do the burning. So perhaps, you need to try some other ways.



There is a clear dissimilarity between wood wool and Kapok. For example, the Kapok is very soft to touch while the wood wool is a lot weighty and may even crackle when you try to squeeze the bear. You will also know if it is a wood wool or a Kapok by checking the bear's body shape, shape and size of the muzzle, length of the limbs, humps, and the type of materials utilized for the stuffing, pads, fur and eyes.



Another way through which you can identify if the Collectible bears are original is by checking who its manufacturer is. There are companies that are known all over the world as teddy bear manufacturers. By checking the tag or label that comes attached to your teddy bear, you will know where it comes from and who its maker is.

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